5 changes I’m making in 2021

Here are some fabulous recommendations that have worked for me so far this year, (since making them my business for the new year). Sometimes resolutions can be really, really helpful, but always remember, you can begin again any moment of any day, not just January 1st 12:01am...

5. CYA SUGAR: Swapping out refined sugar for unrefined nutritious snacks like 'Beauty Bites' from Krumbled Foods. (Sugar isn't nice to our bodies, we don't like her anymore). The key here is to swap sweet treats that contain refined sugar to ones that don't. These little delights are also the perfect handbag snack and bonus - ingredients that provide a beauty and gut health regime.

2. BYE BYE DISTRACTIONS: Moving all social media apps (or anything with a red notification flag) OFF the home screen. The amount of times I've clicked on an app for no reason other than to feed my dopamine addiction is ridiculous. I have no reason to be on Instagram, but the red notification flag sucked me in.. again. This has been enormously effective in cutting down mindless scrolling.

3. CLOTHING AS DECOR: Hanging my favourite clothes where I can SEE them. Not only do they look real cute hanging out together, but I can actually see what I have to wear, and get excited about forming an outfit. You can get a cheap, stand-alone clothes hanger and coathangers from Kmart or similar and build it yourself. Voila!

4. LIFE ADMIN: Using a project management system like Trello or Notion has reduced the mental load I carry with me through the day. Finding a central place to brain-dump my mental to-do lists, journal, and keep track of important notes or records has been liberating. Highly recommend (most digital systems like this are free)!

5. HABIT STACKING: Using commonly viewed spaces (like the mirror, mwah), to place reminders that form habit stacks. Example: brushing your teeth because brushing your teeth plus daily gratitude habit plus drinking a glass of water. Win win win.