Alone vs. Lonely

As strong as our need for food, shelter and water, connection is something we are wired to want and need. It's an energy exchange; with elements of being seen and heard, and feeling part of a shared human experience. So, it's entirely understandable that we avoid being alone, because of the fear of loneliness accompanying that experience with no mutual exclusivity.

It's like a big, scary monster waiting for us in the dark ready to tackle us the moment we shut ourselves out from the rest of the world. But, like a lot of our emotional thoughts, that story isn't entirely true.

Below you'll find some of my (Milly Bannister, Founder of GRLKND)'s curated self-questioning prompts derived from a period of time in which I experienced debilitating loneliness, because being alone doesn't always have to mean feeling lonely.

Why am I afraid of/ don’t want to be alone?

What are you waiting to do with your future significant other/ friends/ family?

What solo activities make you joyful so that you want to be alone?

How can you create more intentional connections?

What social scenarios can you put yourself in regularly (for the purpose of social connection)?

What do you actually want out of a significant other relationship?

What are your strengths?

What stories are you telling yourself?

What are the tests life keeps bringing you (find the patterns) that you haven’t yet passed?