GRLKND Launches in NYC

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

On a rainy Sunday during NYFW, the GRLKND launch event brought 40+ young women together under one roof to celebrate womanhood and all the wonderful things that come with it.

What happens when you put 40 young women, including 6 industry experts, a whole lot of crepes, mimosas in a room? An inspiring, passionate discussion around all things female, featuring the topics we often don't get to discuss otherwise. The female-empowerment brunch that was the GRLKND New York City launch event, was hosted by Roomrs, a community-focused co-living real estate company for young professionals, in their flagship building.

Over savoury/ sweet crepes and freshly juiced mimosas, we chatted in a cosy living space lined with sofas and lit with candles. To conclude the brunch, we commenced our panel discussion that featured our industry experts who each represented one of the four chapters of the GRLKND program; Self-Love & Mindset, Confidence for Success, Smart Styling and Relationship Roadmap.

"Social media influencer, Milly Bannister, began the conversation by outlining her newest project, GRLKND. She explained that she hopes to use the platform to empower young girls by reminding them to live their best, most confident lives, while simultaneously providing useful steps to achieve genuine success." - Roomrs

To be able to speak about things like hormonal skincare, relationships with food, misogyny in the workplace, social media and meditation, openly, all in the same safe discussion, is something that sadly, isn't normal! What we are doing is pioneering and I'm really proud to be a part of it.

As the first of many female-empowerment events to come, the GRLKND New York City launch has set a benchmark for what it means to encourage and induce the self-love and kindness we deserve as women. Experiences like this hearten the removal of self-limiting behaviour as we realize we are not alone, we are not so different after all. We are GRLKND, and we all want to be part of something great.