How to feel a bit better during constant change

Nothing like a global pandemic to put things in perspective huh?

The year that’s been and has continued clawing its way into 2021 has truly been a whirlwind of

emotions. Raise your hand if you are done with unprecedented times? Let’s bring back precedented ones please! 🙋

By grappling with what’s been constant changes in lockdown rules on how to be and adjusting to the new normal, I have found it to be both exhausting and overwhelming. And while I can’t necessarily control these factors, by focusing on what I do have control over, I have found myself feeling a bit more elated through those not-so-nice days and have helped me reflect and appreciate the better ones.

It would be silly for me to say that I haven’t had bad days and practicing gratitude has miraculously

shielded me from having them at all. However, it has been a tool that has shifted my mindset to help me get through those days I’m not feeling so flash. Below are just a few things that I’ve incorporated into my day-to-day to make me feel good.

1. Gratitude Journal

Okay, I know the above has recently almost become a buzzword of sorts, but trust me this has

helped me immensely once I made it a habit. I recently purchased the Five Minute Journal whose

motive is to make you “live with intent”. It is a journal that provides guided exercises and helps shift

your mind to a state of optimism with questions such as what are three things you are grateful for

today? By physically writing these down, I noticed almost instantly a major difference in the way I

perceive and channel my thoughts.

2. Do one small task

When I’m having a bad day, I find that my focus is in disarray and being absorbed in it - not wanting

to do anything. While having those days in bed is completely okay (and honestly recommended by

me) through actually making the effort to do one small task such as going for a walk or organising my closet, I find that my focus shifts from the negative to feeling a sense of success and feeling the fog in my mind lifting.

3. Take into account the bad days

I know it seems counterintuitive but reflecting on the tough moments in the past and having

overcome them puts my experience and how far I’ve come into light and helps bring a sense of

compassion to myself and the journey that I’ve had so far! By actively getting into your feels so to

speak, you really realign with your mind. Have also found myself taking away key lessons as well.

4. Forgive yourself

Be kind, okay. It’s rough out there and considering the circumstances we’ve done a pretty damn

good job making the most out of it and also just getting through . It’s all about perspective and

setting a long-term change of leading a more compassionate life (especially to yourself). The small

things you say to yourself now can manifest into bigger things later on so let's get those affirmations out!

Practicing gratitude can make a long-lasting impact on how you view the world and how you view

challenges. What are your favourite ways to stay grounded?