How to step up your Self-Compassion Game

Hey cuteface! Thought you could get away with not looking after yourself this week? HA, adorable! Here's our top tips to step up your self-compassion game. Yes, it's the fun kind of homework.

1. Self-check-in experience:

How are you feeling right now? If you could define your mood, what would it be? (i.e.

fatigued, depressed, sad, upset, stressed, nervous, tense, calm, relaxed, contented, happy, elated, excited, or alert) How long have you felt like this?

2. Cater to your needs, while honouring the feelings: Set an intention for a real self-care activity, even though it may be something unglamorous like doing your taxes to eliminate stress and tension. 

3. Affirmations for clarity/ gratitude:

Affirmations are specific self-declarations that can set up filters in your mind, making you more open to self-worth, self-belief and in turn, opportunities for growth. Start by using 5 specific phrases personal to you and your own goals. Repeat them out loud with conviction until you believe them. Do this 2 times a day for 21 days and then choose new ones.

4. Permission to rest/ play: Give yourself a chance to rest or play, guilt-free. Carve out time in your schedule and honour your inner child, who needs love, rest and play to thrive.

5. Journal to track progress: Daily journaling is a great way to track progress in all areas of life, including your self-compassion goals, your mood and offers a chance to reflect and express gratitude, which can improve well-being.