Office Girl Gangs post Pandemic

Now that we’re entering a new age of post-pandemic office vibes, how are you feeling going back to work?

For some women, the office can be a minefield, a somewhat traumatizing public space that somewhat resembles the cruel social structures of the school playground.

For others, (hopefully most of us), the workplace can be a safe space that strengthens our self-identity and faith in the sisterhood that is women empowering women.

For Skye, Tiffany and Amanda, the powerhouse girl gang behind Aussie company, Get Parked, and their new baby (thanks Covid), @ParkinPictures the latter ideal is entirely true.

How long have you been working together as a small girl gang?

We officially became a girl gang in September 2019 when Skye joined the team alongside Tiffany and Amanda.

What do you love about working with other women?

We can relate with one another. We can have our girly chats and have a laugh. We all support each other, we are seriously like a family. I couldn't ask for a better girl gang to be working with.

You built this experience from the ground up, after pivoting through a pandemic. How does it make you feel to see smiling faces of friendship groups and families enjoying your work?

Creating Park-In Pictures has been tiring and challenging, particularly with the short turn-around time that we had given the opportunity being built around COVID-19. It's all been worth it though. The reviews that we've received across our social media platforms have been amazing, it's nice to hear that we really are providing people with a fun and unique COVID-19 safe outing. When people are leaving the drive-in it's really rewarding to see so many smiling faces, we've even had people put down their windows to tell us how amazing the experience was and that they'll be back again soon. It's a really amazing feeling to know that we are giving Brisbane residents something positive during this not-so-positive time of uncertainty. 

What would you say to young women who may be experiencing a hard time socially at work, or experiencing toxicity in the workplace?

(Skye): I personally worked in a pretty toxic work environment in one of my previous jobs, it was so emotionally draining and it sucked. I built a really strong connection with one of my female colleagues, who I still consider a close friend to this day, which really helped me get through my time there. We provided support for each other and found a 'safe space' between one another. Looking back now, I don't think I would have lasted as long as I did at that workplace without her and I am really grateful for the friendship that we created

(Amanda): Chances are if you're experiencing toxicity in the workplace then so are others. Reach out and see if there is someone that you can create a bond with, based on trust. 

I love the saying "act confident and no one will question you". Confidence will help in both social and toxic situations.

(Tiffany): Everything happens for a reason! Being in that toxic work environment helped me learn resilience and taught me to back myself. In saying that, please don't stay in a toxic work environment if you don't have to. 

Words that come to mind when we hear the word GRLKND: powerful, empowerment, proud, success, work, team, support, positivity.

GRLKND cannot wait to experience what you have created as a small girl gang this weekend!

Thanks for chatting with us @GetParkedAU!