SKINCARE WITH #zerocompromises

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

The wonderful journey to safe, natural, effective skin care...

As the Empire State Building disappears behind another skyscraper, I stride off Sixth Avenue and step into an elevator heading to paradise. Nobody warned me that during this facial appointment, I’d be faced with not only the NYC penthouse space of my dreams, but a botanical indoor garden!? 

Alicia Yoon, GRLKND's skin expert, is the sweetest, most gentle, kind and wickedly smart woman ever, and has spent a lifetime perfecting both her art as a celebrity aesthetician and her new, super secret skincare line that is truly changing the game for our skin. As of Monday, the 16th of July, Alicia is giving us access to the most natural, affordable, effective skin care on the market, that is as effective as it is safe (yay)!!!

Alicia says: “Formulating skincare is a lot like cooking. It’s not just about the ingredients, but it’s the process, skills, and endless commitment to trial and error to perfection.”

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Being invited for my first (ever) facial was a huge thing for me, and to have Alicia work on my skin, was just an incredible way for me to kick start an empowering adventure of self-

care and skin preservation. I learned so many delightful little tips from Alicia during her product facial, that you can use daily to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, surface and glow. She really does carry her passion through every stage of her work, big and small, and I am very excited to have been able to meet her in person. If there’s one person/product line I can trust with my skin, it would be Alicia and Peach & Lily!