Podcasts to listen to immediately

Podcasts have increasingly become my favourite medium to learn something new. I feel like there’s something for everyone, but there are a definite few that have stood out. Below are a few I’ve come across through the last year, so have a squizz and support some feminist icons.

The Bobo & Flex Show

At the top of my list this is! Yes, albeit we haven’t heard any new episodes in what seems like a millennia, there are episodes that even now I’ve gone back to listen to a few times. Topics in this podcast span from toxic activism, conflict resolution, all the way through to friendship breakups and spirituality. Bobo and Flex provide a platform for discussion and provide a viewpoint unlike any other. Critically analyse why you think the way you do and warning, it may lead you to an existential crisis lead you to analyse how you think of things.


Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews have become a staple in my ears every week and I would say are actually what got me into podcasts in the first place. Their content is * chefs kiss *.

While looking into pop culture news, it also delves into real life relatable issues such as misogyny & race issues creating a balanced discussion.

Being a big consumer of celebrity news, I’ve found that this has really helped teach me to critically analyse why I think or view something the way I do.

Here’s The Thing,Tho

Soaliha an intersectional feminist discusses media interpretation of current affairs and dealing with a capitalist society in a fun, informative way. It helps you unpack occurrences in Australian politics, amongst others and is a great way to challenge your current viewpoint on issues all over the world.

It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield

The Bachelor Australia Season 7 runner up Abbie Chatfield has taken the podcast world by storm curating super insightful conversation which feels like having a convo with your bestie over a glass of wine. Her brutal honesty on issues we don’t necessarily want to discuss is quite frankly amazing and is paving the way to normalise talking about so-called “icky” topics.

She’s On The Money

If you’re anything like me, the idea of thinking about finances and budgeting is enough to make me say “thanks but no thanks”. Listening to this podcast has really helped create a more healthier relationship with money and understanding finances to lead to better money management.

Do You F*****g Mind?

Alexis Fernandez provides a very educational podcast providing an easy listen to what would otherwise be complex neuroscience topics and helps create the right mindset. Super refreshing and educational podcast to provide you with tips and tricks on how to ACTUALLY live your best life.

High key feel like I could go on because there is so much content available through podcasts to help you grow and learn new things.

We love to see it.

By Shreya Basu, Inclusion Advocate at GRLKND