Self-Care Sunday- a GRLKND event

For some reason, a reason that probably has a lot to do with alliteration, or just plain 'it makes sense', we have traditionally reserved Sunday to be the day of our self-care rituals. Therefore, following the tradition, we set up a complimentary Self-Care Sunday event in Brisbane for young women to step out of their schedules, leave their stress at the door and be treated to an afternoon of mindful self-love. We called it #GRLTIME and here's what it looked like:

GRLKND was founded compassionately by an Australian female journalist, with a social movement in mind, which celebrates and inspires kindness, confidence and self-love.

The GRLKND initiative is the world’s first holistic self-growth education community detailed specifically for young, developing females, written by a young female, in an accessible, relatable way.

The launch of GRLKND comes as staggering rates of mental health problems and suicide of young adults continue to rise. According to the Black Dog Institute, the onset of mental illness is typically around mid-to-late adolescence and Australian youth (18-24 years old) have the highest prevalence as an age group. Beyond Blue states that suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians and accounts for the deaths of more young people than car accidents. Among Australian high school girls, research conducted by Eating Disorders Australia, has found that approximately 75% chose an ideal figure thinner than their own. “These statistics indicate that, now, unlike ever before, young women are faced with a critical amount of risks to mental health such as social and self-inflicted pressure. Traditional education isn’t effectively covering these areas of self-development, and unless we do something about it now, there could be brain rewiring with negative long-term effects,” says Milly Bannister, Founder & Director of GRLNKD.

“Today, young people rarely talk face to face anymore about anything deep and personal to anyone, let alone to their parents. Since GRLKND has the potential to drastically improve a girl’s/young woman’s self- perception and confidence in a professional, positive way, I am all for it as a Mother, to help my child achieve happiness” says Cathy Pruss, Mother of three girls.

We only conduct a few, very special in-person events, thanks to MudPutty, a platform that helps fuel your interests and find your tribe by making it easy to find and book classes and activities in your local area. If you can't make it, don't worry! Our inclusive, safe online community is one heck of a party to be a part of! Follow the epic GRLKND journey here!

Special thanks to our event partners, The Mindful Collective, Julisa Mindful Beauty and The Tribal Space!

As well as No Pong Deodorant and Straddie Zinc for the gift bag joy! The girls were spoilt!