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In the palm of your hands...

The goal of our free App available for iOs and Android interface (April 5th, 2020), is simply to reach and impact more young women, connecting them with mental health resources. Our curriculum is developed by a combination of GRLKND’s female industry-leading experts and its 2 psychologists, specializing in female, youth mental- health care. 

The app supports and facilitates a daily check- in experience and will serve as a central location for everything GRLKND, its curriculum and links to external resources (like the GRLKND Podcast, merch, blog site, experts’ profiles).

The built-in 'Help Hub' provides unintimidating and instant access to mental health resources and crisis lines.

Our community vibe is 'your local girl gang' - the nice girlfriends you've always wanted. We aim to chat about everything school forgot to teach us.